Our Philosophy....

At Soul Path Awakenings, we emphasize the principle of the spiritual side of life, both seen and unseen. It is our core belief the liberation process of the soul's journey is based on mindfulness and Self-Awareness. We believe by applying this philosophy, it will truly assist us in transforming our past, present and hereditary karmic patterns. Furthermore,
our physical pain issues, especially those related to emotional and psychological stress, can be alleviated. 

Meet Ledian & Candie Toska!

Ledian and Candie Toska have over 30 years of experience.

Ledian is a devout Mystic Astrologer & Spiritual Therapist

Candie is a well-known Angel Intuitive, Energy Therapist & Reiki Master. She is also the author of Angels for Everyday Living & the Angelic Diamond Light Oracle Card Deck.

Our sessions at Soul Path Awakenings are synchronized and formulated from the Holy Science of Astrology, Ancient Wisdom, Holistic Remedies, Intuitive Insights and Divine Healing. 

We offer alternative wellness solutions to strengthen the mind, heal the body and grow spiritually.

The purpose of our consultations is to bring you Spiritual Growth, Harmony in your Life and Relationships, Success in your Career Path and Optimal Health.

Contact Us: Ledian at 216-785-6204 or Candie at 216-303-5333

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General Ethics- 
~Payment is expected prior to a call,event, reading or sessions. No services shall be rendered without advance payment.

~ Please cancel 3 days in advance.

~The services We provide do not replace professional medical, legal, or financial advice. “Healing” in regard to the Angelic Energy Healing or Astrology sessions provide may not cure or treat an illness, and is not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment – but is a complimentary form of therapy that is meant to be carried out in addition to any prescribed treatments or medications.

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