Ledian Toska

Esoteric Astrologer & Spiritual Life Coach

It has been my mission throughout my career as an Esoteric Astrologer and Spiritual Life Coach to disseminate useful information about Ancient Philosophies and the Holy Science of Astrology. Through the integration of Platonism and Gnosticism Philosophy, Hermetic Transcendental Psychology, and Ancient Aesculapius Healing Philosophy, I have assisted thousands of clients around the world for 35 years.

Many of my clients have experienced profound transformation in their lives as they have shifted to a higher level of consciousness awareness. The opportunity to be a part of their journey is deeply humbling and honoring to me. As part of my soul purpose, I am committed to assisting others in discovering and fulfilling their highest life density.

Each individual possesses an inner wisdom capable of guiding them in the direction of their highest potential. I have the privilege of helping people to reconnect with their inner wisdom and tap into its power to achieve meaningful and lasting transformations in their lives.


Candie Toska

Angelic Soul Coach
& Energy Healer

My area of expertise has been Angelic Soul Coaching and Energy Healing for the past 30 years. I consider it an honor to be able to assist those who seek health, harmony, and a deeper connection with the Angelic Realms.

Through my life, I have studied Angelology, Spiritual Sciences, Ancient Western Holistic Traditions, and Ageless Wisdom Teachings. With my extensive knowledge and commitment to service, I am able to assist individuals in their quest for a healthier and more conscious lifestyle.

Through my journey, I have dedicated my time and energy to helping individuals thrive and live in harmony with nature by correcting imbalances in the energy fields of the body.

Based on the principles of energy medicine and ancient wisdom, I incorporate various therapeutic and healing modalities into my practice. It is my goal to provide my clients with the tools they require to achieve true balance and harmony in their lives.

My practice emphasizes the importance of self-care and the power of the mind-body connection. I strive to empower my clients to take charge of their own health and wellbeing, and to create a healthier world for everyone.

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