Greeting Beautiful Souls,

My name is
Candie Toska and I am honored to facilitate and serve all who seek a deeper personal connection with the Angels and who wish to liberate themself from their emotional base or physical issues.

I have been serving my clients worldwide for over 30 years with Angelic Wisdom Teachings and Guidance for Everyday Living. My sessions are channeled and forged, from my own experiences with Angels, as well as my natural born empathic abilities. After life long experiences and knowledge working with the Angels, I have design sessions that will assist in removing the imbalances or blockages that occur in our bodies, emotional pathways or energy fields. These can cause a wide range of issues in one's life. Below are the sessions I offer.

Please remember they are personalized and tailored to each individual. Reach out if you have any questions about these sessions or classes I offer. Call 216-303-5333 to schedule an appointment!

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Angelic Guidance & Comfort

What is an Angelic Guidance Session?

Angels love to provide wisdom and guidance for life's situations, we call this the Higher Angelic Perspective.

Angels talk to us every day in many ways but most of the time we are too busy to see the signs or messages.

This Session will provide information and knowledge from the Angelic Kingdoms that is needed for the situation at hand so you can obtain a deeper understanding and move forward.

You're never stuck, but sometimes it is painful to make a decision. The Angelic Kingdoms can bring you a sense of peace, clarity and overall inspiration in all areas of life. The Angels see the higher perspective that we don't, mainly due to the emotional or mental confusion we are in during these times of change.

Candie’s work with the Archangels & Angels to bridge in the messages to reach a greater mind, body and soul connection.

1/2 hour $77


Integrative Energy Therapy

Integrative Energy Therapy -

Your first IET sessions will likely be focused on using the Basic and Intermediate IET ray to clear the limitations and pain from your past. As the pain from your past clears, we will use the Advanced IET ray to help you manifest your life’s vision and bring your dreams alive.

An IET treatment normally lasts one hour, after which the client should feel very relaxed, recharged and refreshed. After the treatment the client is advised to drink plenty of water for the remainder of the day, to help the body to detoxify.

INTEGRATED ENERGY THERAPY (IET) IS USED TO: Clear or modify unwanted recurrent or chronic mental, emotional, or behavioral patterns. Imprint new desirable patterns or intentions. Clear blockages—physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Release past traumas in a gentle and supportive way, without re-experiencing them. Support the process of change initiated by loss, necessity, or personal choice. Reduce stress/anxiety and physical, emotional, mental, and energetic impacts of stress. Help clarify personal and spiritual paths. Help connect one to energies and people with complementary and supportive intentions. Achieve and maintain balance and integration

1/2 hour avail at $77


Clearing & Removal of Negative Entity & Attachments

Removal of Negative Attachments or Entities. Also Clearing or Removal of Curses, or Clearing of past traumas- 

We do House Clearings and Blessings Starting at 450.00