Candie Toska,
Angelic Medium
Chakra Specialist &
Health Practitioner

Candie has been serving humanity in holistic health and spiritual therapies for over 25 years. She is honored to be able to facilitate and serve all who seek a deeper connection and harmony to the earth, themselves or their Angels!

Here are some highlights of the  sessions.

Chakra Therapy for
 mind, body, spirit!
& Clearing your Psychic Centers.

Angelic Messages for life guidance

Holistic Remedies
for Emotional & Physical Imbalances

Angelic Energy Therapy personalize Angelic light  for deep soul connections, DNA clearing and activation and karma release.  as well as find out who your Soul  Counsels are your personal angels and guides. 
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Angelic Energy Therapy  

This is a private, in-person session (or via zoom, Skype, or telephone,  

As an Angelic Medium,  Candie will provide  information that will include connection to higher realms, healing light rays from the angels, comfort from lost loved one  and support from Spirit in various forms including angels, archangels, ascended masters, and or spirit guides and deceased loved ones. She will convey the channeled messages she sees, hears, feels, and knows, giving you the opportunity for deep healing, inspiration, and insight.

Also if you wish this session can be an opportunity for you to expand your conscious awareness by allowing  a deeper connection with your higher self, soul councils and guardian angels. Everybody has a team of invisible helpers.

Each and every session is opened and closed with a prayer, affirming Divine blessings of Protection and aligned with Divine Will.



In this session Candie uses Vibrant Blue Oils  crystals, bio-mat, as well as cooper LED chakra lights for deeper clearing and balancing of your chakra system.

Chakra Therapy for great way to understand and heal the imbalances that may be effecting your mental, emotional and psychical well bring.

If you seek Clarity-Balance-Harmony or Clearing of your Psychic Centers then this is a great session for you. 

This is a powerful session and beneficial on a monthly basis.
 Monthly Discounts  Save $15.00



Holistic Remedies
for Emotional or Physical Issues

Candie will take a Holistic look and Assessment on a physcial or emotional level for personal remedies on nutrition, supplements, giving you self healing tools and new routines to assist you to become healthier , happier and overall vitality.

The lab work Candie uses are through Life Extensions or Check my body health if needed. and Full script is the platform for all your supplements. 3 sessions required. prepaid $300 for all three. 


Angels or Oracle Card Readings

Get the Angelic Perspective on life's questions, and receive  the guidance and direction you need.  Candie uses from a variety of card decks and her angelic connections  to bring in the higher clarity, comfort and inspiration to the situation.