Candie Toska, The Angelic Medium

My name is Candie Toska, I serve as An Angelic Medium & Intuitive Energy Practitioner

All My sessions and readings are dedicated to all who are seeking a deeper connection with the higher realms  and spirit world or healing through harmony in ones life.

My mission is to bring clarity, support and guidance on life's challenges this can include,  psychical and emotional health,  financial, relationship issues, negative habits, finding core issues or root imbalances, and offering comfort  and healing from traumas or a passing of loved ones.
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Angelic Medium Readings  

This is a private, in-person session (or via zoom, Skype, or telephone, ) for a duration of 1 hour if you want more than an hour , it is $2 a min. Group Messages Avail $44 per person.   

As an Angelic Medium, I provide powerful psychic information that will include guidance and support from Spirit in various forms including angels, archangels, ascended masters, and or spirit guides and deceased loved ones. I will convey the channeled messages I see, hear, feel, and know, giving you the opportunity for deep healing, inspiration, and insight.

This session is for You to explore any issues You wish with the help of the divine guidance available to You. I can sense your angels’ loving messages, and provide guidance to questions you may have. Typically an hour session has up to 3 questions or areas of interest are allowed. Often, I am guided to relay information, symbols, names, ask questions, or make suggestions that will help You achieve positive changes in your life.

Ultimately the Angelic Medium Reading is an opportunity for you to connect with your higher self, and or/personal soul councils and guardian angels. Everybody has a team of invisible helpers.

Each and every session is opened and closed with a prayer, affirming Divine blessings of Protection and help in accordance with Divine Will.

The Benefits of an Angelic Medium Reading:

A variety of positive shifts occurs during and after an Angelic Medium Reading.

They have included the following:
~feelings of peace clarity about decisions and direction in your life ~deeper understanding of your Divine life purpose
~greater empowerment in personal and professional relationships
~validation of your own intuitive sense of your direction, life purpose, and meaningful endeavors
~greater awareness and ability to trust your intuition
~connect to your guardian angels to discern your own Divine guidance ~healing through letting go of the past and overcoming fears, phobias, and self-destructive patterns of behavior ~increased faith and surrender in a higher, Divine Will operating in Your Life

1/2 avail for $77  


Light Healing

This is a private, in-person session (or via zoom, Skype, or telephone, ) for a duration of 1 hour if you want more than an hour , it is $2 a min. Group healing avail. at $44 per person. 

This session is with the Master Healing Angels and combination with My 30 years of in-depth training and experiences working on thousand of clients.  This healing is designed for releasing emotional imprints at the cellular levels and in energy fields, as well as stuck emotions that effect the function and health of the glands and organs caused by emotional traumas, past-life, stuck energy. 

This sessions is a hands on Energy Healing that restores the harmony and balance in your daily life.

Issues such as grief, sadness, fear, anxiety, stress, worry, anger, chronic pain, as well as, emotional imbalances and psychosomatic ailments can be remedied deeply with energy healing, use of essentials oils and applied intuitive counseling can come with this session.

1/2 hour sessions $77-


Sacred Wisdom &  Support for Women over 40

This is for all those who seek a conscious community of women to share ideas, life lessons and supporting each others pathway to health, happiness and harmony. Time to live from our Hearts Wisdom and make a difference in the lives we touch. Do you hear the Call?    

Also offer a Monthly Women Wisdom Circle
$44 each person