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I am Ledian Toska a devout Hermeticist,  Holistic Medical Astrologer, Hellenistic Transcendental Psychologist and Spiritual Mentor.I have dedicated my life to the dissemination of useful knowledge in the fields of Ancient Philosophy’s Holistic Medical Nutrition, and Comparative Religion’s. My long span career over thirty years, has led me around the world to assist thousands of clients finding within themselves the insights and direction to obtain ultimate freedom to living a successful happy life.

My work leads to the path of one becoming the best Version of themselves and make the world a better place .

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Esoteric Astrology focuses on the purpose of the soul and its struggles to transform the personality of the individual to the highest level of spiritual initiations.

Esoteric Astrology is much more than an art or a science, and it is a way of life to completely formulate living aligned with universal truths and manifest physically through particular techniques that we can use in these chart readings.

This ancient technique will assist in finding the path of one's spirit which comes from the stars, the path of one's soul which arises for the planets and the path of one's body which comes from the elements.

These one on one consultations are for those who are on their path of Initiation that is aligned with the Seven Rays of Higher Service. 90 mins



Personal Astrology focuses on personality development and its expression in everyday life and how we handle our thoughts, emotions, and actions towards our loved ones and world affairs. Personal Astrology Consultation offers much insight and understanding and can provide direction into situations that are happening in our daily life. Also can foresee windows of opportunities for success in areas such as Health, Career, Marriage, Family, New Location, Spiritual Path, or Starting a new Business.

~ NATAL CHART: An in-depth look at the major themes and issues in your life. The emphasis is on the positive, creative potential inherent in your chart, inspiring you to be all that you can be. Also, there are clear, compassionate warnings about traps and stumbling blocks that are most likely to keep you from a life well lived. - 1 hr $168.00

~TRANSITS AND PROGRESSIONS: An examination of current trends, possibilities, and potentials. This type of reading lets you know what the dominant planetary influences are in your life at present and how you can align yourself with them to your most significant advantage. 1 hr 

~COMPATIBILITY CHARTS: A relationship analysis of any two charts with a focus on everyday interactions between the two charts and how two people can best communicate and understand each other. There is also a focus on the larger potentials that the two charts create together. Please note: this type of chart will only be done with the consent of both parties. 90 mins.

Medical Astrology has the potential for helping to prevent the onset of the clinical symptoms of disease’s .Your natal chart is a guide map to understand your root causes of any potential future disease. The chart will show the hidden influences to the strength or weakness in your constitution. This important guidance will assist you in preventing potential future disease’s and restoring harmony to current imbalances.



What is Tarot Reading -

Tarot is an ancient system of reading your situation from where you are to where you're going and what needs to change, so it can change the outcome of your current life situations.

This is a wonderful reading to see deeper into what decisions need to be made to move in a new direction for a better outcome.


Past  & Future Life Readings

There is a direct connection between Past, Current and Future life's in our existence . There is an essential impact of previous life deeds on everyone's horoscopes.

How do Past Life and Future Life readings work? Past life readings look back into the lives you led in previous incarnations to help you understand where your soul has been and how past life experiences may impact your life today. and your Future Lives. Trauma or difficult experiences in a past life can leave spiritual “scars” and affect the way you feel and behave in this life. A past life reading can explain certain fears, phobias, energy blockages, relationship and health issues.

In this session Ledian will assist you to understand your current life's primary opportunity to obtain a future life filled with good health, wealth, and happiness.

Past life readings are different from past life regression. In a past life regression, you are hypnotized and guided to go back in your memory to past lives. In a past life reading, an astrologer, psychic medium or spiritual psychic takes the journey into your past and conveys to you what he or she discovers.

1 hour