Greetings Beautiful Souls,
We are out of the Country til Dec 7th -
We will resume sessions and calls on
Dec 8th, 2022
Angelic Blessings  & We are so much appreciative to all of you

Dec. 8th @ 7pm est
 Full Moon in Gemini
Lunar Attunement

Last full moon
of the year!

The full Moon is a time to be receptive, to take the light and awareness of spirit into your emotional and physical body.

Silver Lunar Angels will Attune & Align your Emotional & Physical bodies  with the right lunar frequencies which are perfectly designed to assist you in feeling your best.

Greater Clarity, Focus and Balance! 

Healthy Feeling - Healthy Being!


Dec.12th @ 7 pm est 12-12
Golden Rose

The key benefits of attending include:

~Healing and Re-balancing the Divine Masculine and Feminine aspects of Self

~ Connecting to your Angelic/Star Family

~Healing core wounds, old programmed and false beliefs 

~Amplifying your gifts of service

~Expanding your frequency

~Activating the DNA and Light Bodies
~Anchoring the Light Codes of the New Earth

  ~Receiving the nurturing, Love and support


Dec. 15th @ 7 pm est
Chakra Health
by Ledian

Root/Base Chakra Health

Do you experience or feel you don't belong, have lack of self acceptance or confidence issues, feel insecure or have issues with your identity, Then this is a good call for you!

This will assist to have a deeper understanding of the chakras multi functions and how it relates to our health and personal lives.

This call is with Ledian and is a powerful tool you need to maintain a healthy mind -body-soul connection, as well as, preventing future illness and diseases!


Dec.18th @ 7 pm est
Diamond Light Root/Base Chakra Activation

The Diamond light Codes are for harmonizing the mind, body & soul  and are Cosmic Keys to unlocking the Higher Consciousness.

Join us and Archangel Uriel and Angel Aurora! This chakra is the foundation of all the other chakras it allows the Divine energy to flow from earth into the upper chakra systems.

This will allow the cosmic light to ground the higher light into the body so you can live from your original divine blueprint.

Spiritual Lesson: Material World and Self Identity



Dec. 21st @ 7 pm est Winter Solstice
Christ Consciousness
Activation &
Solar Attunement

Come join us for this years amazing Winter Solstice Celebration! Time for great Reflection and allow the joyful light to grace us.  This is among the Highest light of the Year!  So much Divine Grace and Love to fill our Hearts and Heal the Mind-Heart-Body and Soul! 

Let us rejoice in the Present of thy
Holy Light!



Dec. 23rd @ 7 pm est New Moon in Capricorn Lunar Attunement

The new moon phase is a more introspective time and represents new beginnings as we plant seeds for the future. It's a good time to set clear intentions for the month ahead, clarify your goals, start new projects, and acknowledge your growth since the previous new moon

Silver Lunar Angels will Attune & Align your Emotional & Physical bodies with the right lunar frequencies which are perfectly designed to assist you in feeling your best.

This moon will bring us New Foundations, stability  and New Realities!

Let us bring this 2022 year to a nice close with new wisdom learned!


Dec. 29th @ 7 pm est

Reflections of 2022 &
New Year Intentions

PLUS: The Magic of the Chosen Word!

One of my favorite calls of the year!

 2022 Reflections &
New Year Intentions for 2023 -

Plus This Magic of the Chosen word! This call we also choose the word for next year - this is a great  assistance to you for staying on track with your personal and soul growth!


Welcome to Our
Family of Light.... 

At the Soul Path awakenings all are welcome, come learn, share and grow.

You can attend in person or by conference call.

To purchase a ticket or hold your spot, please click on the ticket button of the event you wish to attend. 

Hope to see you all there!

Ledian & Candie Toska

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