September 1st
@ 7pm est

Astrology by Ledian Monthly Forecast 

Get your Lucky or Unlucky days for September, as well as, the Opportunities on Health, Relationships or Finances!

Ledian will give valuable information for each sign.

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September 5th @
7pm est

Initiation to the Sacred Temple of Emerald Rose
with Lady Mary

 - Hope, Harmony,
Divine Healing & Abundance

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"by phone ONLY"


Sept 10th @ 7pm est

 Full Moon in Pisces Lunar Attunement
Harvest Moon is one of the most important moon of the year!

Align with the moon energies to inspire your imagination and creativity! Beautiful Full Moon for making your dreams come into reality!

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September 15th,
7 pm est

Chakra Health
by Ledian 

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the  focus point this call -

Our Chakra system needs a lot of focus and attention these days. This will assist to have a deeper understanding of the chakras multi functions and how it relates to our health.

This call is with Ledian and is a powerful tool you need to maintain a healthy mind -body-soul connection, as well as, preventing future illness and diseases!


September 22th
@ 7pm est
Autumn Equinox
DNA Light Activation & Solar Attunement to Sun in Libra

The Equinox is a powerful time of the year and heightens our receptivity to the spirit world. Under the Equinox, the energy of Mother Earth rises, allowing us to align our heartbeat with the heartbeat of our home planet. Attunement with this day  can also be incredibly healing and restorative.

This DNA and Light Activation will assist you in the balancing of the mind and body and allows your inner peace and love to come forth.
This is also a great time to clear away and prepare for the Higher Divine Light the pours in at  the Winter Solstice .


September 25th @
7pm est

New Moon in Libra Lunar Attunement

Align your energies with this Moon for Greater
balance and embracing change - allowing inner peace


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Sept. 27th @

7 pm est

Solar Plexus
Chakra Activation
with Diamond Light Angels

This chakra is your personal power center and it is a storehouse of energy both positive and negative.

Join the Diamond Light Angels and Archangel Jophiel  to activate, balance and reconnect your solar plexus to your light body. This allows your personal power to active and live from your original divine blueprint.

Spiritual Lesson: is Acceptance of one's place in life...



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Ledian & Candie Toska

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