Monthly Memberships


Choose -Monthly or 3, 6, 9 times a year.

This will allow you to Attunement the the incoming Diamond light Ascension Rays to assist you along your Soul Path Awakening. 

Heart link  to the Diamond light Angel of your choice  for a greater bridge of the mind, body and heart and soul. Learn to Live from the Heart and Become your Angelic Human Blueprint.

The Angelic Light Infusion is in person or by phone or private video. A great ascension session.


Spiritual Moon Reading - Honor Life Cycles

Monthly Personal Moon Readings 

By Video only - will be set out the day before or of the New moon each month.

This is a powerful way to  alignm with the lunar influence, so that each month you can connect to the elements of your personal and planetary cycle . In return this allows for greater a soul's growth and Integration .

 Added Benefits: Assist with Better Health, Stronger Relationships,  Higher purpose and Intuition.

Crystals can be charged monthly with with energy for better results. We have crystals avail to purchase.