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Astrology Soul Guidance

This consultation is focused on the soul power of an individual to reach the highest level of spiritual initiation for personal growth and planetary transformation.


Astrology Life Guidance

General Natal Chart Consultation, Family, Relationships, Health, and  Career. This Type of Astrology is based on personality development and its expression in everyday life.


Oracle Card Readings

Choose a Tarot or Angel Card Reading to gain insight guidance for areas of your life that needs direction.


Energy Therapy

Integrated Energy Therapy®  sessions will assist you in releasing the body’s cellular memories from traumas from this life and past lives.


Intuitive Guidance

Messages from The Ascended Masters, Archangels and Guardian Angels


Sacred Womb Divine Mother Blessing

An energetic clearing and Divine Mother guidance for the release of any current or past womb trauma or from mother's linage.


Holistic Therapies

Emotional & Chakra Balancing, using therapeutic grade oils, crystals, and tuning forks. A great way to restore your health, wellness and over all vitality.


Home Blessings & Harmonizing

Harmonizing & Blessing your home, space or land will bring abundance, happiness and harmony to your everyday life. 


Aura Repair & Balancing

Aura Repair & Balancing will assist in restoring  a healthy aura so you can flow with life, have energy, focus and be abundant. We have 7 layers and often holes, non beneficial thoughts or emotions can get into our energy fields and leaving us imbalanced.


Energy Therapy for PETS

Distant or Local House calls for IET or Reiki for Dogs, Cats or Horses


Ascension Diamond Light Activation's

Email Candie for requirements and details. 


Sacred Rose Temple Initiation

Email Candie for requirements and details.