Our Services:

Spiritual Counseling
& Life Mentoring
with Ledian

Life is transformational journey, everything has a purpose and perfect timing. 

Ledian will guide you in contemplating and creating a right foundation for spiritual growth as well as finding your right time to take right actions in building a successful life with positive outcomes in Health, Relationships, Financial Investments, Career, Personal Growth, and Business Matters.
By phone or In person at
Soul Path Awakenings Office

$160 for one session
$360 for 3 Sessions
$108 for Monthly Guidance

Meet with Ledian

Holistic Energy Therapies
for Mind, Body & Soul
 with Candie

Regular Energy therapies will  benefit the whole body wellness and regain harmony in life.

Candie Michelle uses many ancient healing and modern methods as well as Diamond Light & Rose Rays to assist with these imbalances so you feel your best. 

Sessions are done from a distant
or in-person at the
Soul Path  Awakenings Office

$144 for one Session
$333 for 3 sessions
$108 for Monthly Energy Work

Meet with  Candie